DT04 เครื่องวัดความเร็วรอบ/สโตรโบรสโคป Stroboscope with 50 – 30,000 FPM – Model: DT-2350PD

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ทำงานโดยใช้ไฟ AC 110-220V

DT-2350DP Digital Stroboscope (50-30000 FPM)

1. Products Description:

·         To measure the rotational speed of a rotating object and to inspect the defect on its surface without the need to adhere any mark to reflect the light, and thereby without the need to halt the object from its rotation.

·         As the speed of the moving objects matches the flash of the stroboscope, the moving object appears still. The unit can give the operator the illusion of ‘stopped motion’ where in actuality the equipment under observation is in a moving state. By adjusting the flashing rate, equipment in motion appears to be standing still. With slight adjustment, movement can be viewed in apparent slow motion which enables the observer or the operator to study the process in action.

·         High resolutions and wide measuring range.

·         LCD Digital display gives exact reading with no guessing or errors.

·         Flash timer control conserves flash tube life.

·         External trigger allows unit to be automatically synchronize with equipment.

·         Strong flash light at low range and week flash light at high range to protect the flash tube.

2. Features as Following:

·         LCD 5 digits display,10MM (0.4”)

·         Measuring Range(FPM): 50-30,000 FPM ( Flashes Per Minute)

·         2 Ranges : H/L (High/Low) Manual Conversion (flashing light is brighter at low range than at high range)

·         Stroboscope Flashing Tube: Xenon Lamp

·         Fine and Coarse Adjustment

·         Million Times flash tube life

·         Resolution:

o    0.1FPM (50-999.9FPM)

o    1RPM (over 1,000FPM)

·         Accuracy: ±(0.05%n+1d)

·         Sampling Time: 0.3 Second

·         Internal/external Triggering Conversion External trigger Level: 3-24V

·         Operating Temperature: 0°C-40°C (32°F-104°F)

·         Power Supply: 110V or 220V for your choice

·         Dimension: 215X85X180mm (8.5X3.3X7.1inch)

·         Weight: 1000g / 2.2lb

3. Standard Delivery:

·         1x DT-2350DP Stroboscope

·         1x Spare Flashing Tube

·         1x Power Supply Cable

·         1x Operational Manual